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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How do you choose which restaurants participate in the Takeout Program?

Initially, we went out and chose a restaurant to start with. Going forward, we have a form for restaurants interested in participating to complete. Then, we put qualified restaurants (family owned initially, in Milpitas, willingness to provide a family meal for $20, etc.) into a lottery. We pick one for each event, contact them, and go over the program with them.

Q2: How do you choose which families in need to participate in the Takeout Program?

We primarily will work with three groups, the Milpitas Food Pantry, Milpitas Unified School District (free meal program and the McKinney-Vento / Homeless Liaison) to provide candidates. From those candidates, we try to randomize their selection.

Q3: What role does MCEE play in this effort?

Because we wanted a relatively quick and low cost method of providing online payments, MCEE has donated their payment portal to collect the PayItForward Meals. MCEE does NOT receive any donations from this effort. A donor has agreed to pay MCEE back all transactions costs for processing these PayItForward meals.

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